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I am a CS Major at Columbia University currently interested in working on full stack web development as well as maching learning projects

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Sample Landing Page

Using React, I built a fully responsive front end webpage, a sample landing page based off of a pre-existing figma design.

  • React
  • Javascript

Movie Catalogoue

Using React, I built the front-end for a movie catalogue website, complete with search functionality made possible by the OMBD API.

  • React
  • JavaScript

Sorting Algorithm Visualizer

This is a web application developed using React that allows viewers to see how sorting algorithms rearrange data in real time.

  • React
  • Javascript

Common Word Finder

This is a command line application developed using Java that can take in large text files and output the most common occurring words. Notable features include variable mapping using BSTs, AVL Trees, and Hashmaps to compare performances as well as a custom Java comparator.

  • Java

Flipbook Generator

This is a python script that generates printable flipbook frames given a video input. Computer vision techniques like canny edge detection, grey scaling, and gaussian blurs were applied to make processed images look handdrawn

  • Python


I work with a wide range of technologies, here are some of them. Just know that I am constantly working to learn more and expand this list!

  • Front End

    React.js and Next.js

  • Back End

    Node.js and mySQL

  • Machine Learning

    PyTorch, TensorFlow, and OpenCV

About Me

My coding journey started off slow as I took introductory classes in high school supplemented by self-studying. But my passion grew as I delved into web development during quarantine. I eventually added to my professional expirience as I found internships at artly.coffee as well as Ocular Diagnostics.

Contact me! I'm open to commissions as well as job offers.